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Free Weekend Ferry Service to IKEA Brooklyn, NY.
Free Weekend Ferry Service to IKEA Brooklyn, NY. Free Weekend Ferry Service to IKEA Brooklyn, NY. New Free Weekend Ferry Service to IKEA Brooklyn. IKEA, located in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, is a popular, affordable shopping destination that now provides easy free ferry transportation from three Manhattan locations.
IKEA prepares for extraterrestrials with assembly manuals for aliens.
in case extraterrestrials move to our planet, we want to help them build their new dream home easily on earth, says IKEA. w eve crafted a special range of furniture assembly manuals in the aliens first language and true IKEA style, so they can easily understand and assemble IKEAs most popular home furnishing solutions.
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For Pride Month, Ikea decided to, uh.express their allyship? by rolling out some colorful couches inspired by" different Pride flags." MTV / Via giphy.com. If you haven't' yet feasted your eyes upon these couches, you can peep this little video ad.:
IKEA Store Apps op Google Play.
De IKEA Store app maakt winkelen in een IKEA vestiging prettig en eenvoudig. De app begeleidt u bij het plannen van uw bezoek tot en met het bezoek zelf, en helpt u om alles terug te vinden. MAAK EEN BOODSCHAPPENLIJSTJE.
The Power of the IKEA Effect WSJ.
A behavioral economist answers questions on our attachment to things we build ourselves, how corruption spreads, and qualms about returning to the office. Counterintuitive though it may seem, part of furniture giant IKEAs success stems from its policy requiring its customers to build its products. In this video, WSJ explains the behavioral psychology behind the IKEA effect.
Inspiratie en ideƫen IKEA.
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Mural by Indigenous artist at Ikea Vancouver Is Awesome.
This week, Ikea unveiled a commemorative mural acknowledging the 215 residential school children whose remains were discovered via ground penetrating radar at a former Kamloops residential school. In a statement, Ikea said the mural currently installed was originally going to be a showcase of art by Indigenous artist and lawyer Shain Jackson; however, following the recent discovery in Kamloops, Jackson pivoted from his own Coast Salish art showcase to a memorial.
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